Monday, May 18, 2009

Cross my mind

Cross my mind, I love that expression! It makes me think of highways coming in and out my head.
Charlotte (Winona Ryder), The last word, 2008.

Welcome to crossings of my mind, my blog in English. Here you'll find some ramblings, some rants and some anecdotes but mostly, English versions of my posts in Fefo y Julia and other blogs I've written in the past but don't exist anymore.

I don't promise to be always truthful or always fictional, to restrain myself to only frivolities or heavyweight subjects, to be punctual as death or reliable as a weather vine, but I promise to try my best to always give you some food for thought, or at least, put a smile on that beautiful face of yours.



Gary Bellman said...

But you'll always post on Mondays it looks like!

Go well.

Gary Bellman

Julia said...

Hello Gary!

Thank you for your comments.

Seems you've been reading my blog, and I'll reply to each comment in the same post.

My inspiration (if I can claim any) comes in uneven waves, so I may write 4 or 5 posts at once and then spend weeks in a drought. So I use that wonderful little device, "posting options", and I alter the date so it's always published on Monday. I don't know for how long I'll have fuel, but so far so good (I have posts written to go through the summer and I'll worry in September).