Monday, June 14, 2010

Perils of Facebook

A lot has been said on data and personal safety matters and Facebook. Often I read articles in the newspapers saying this or that. Still, a big issue hasn't been mentioned.

How it is to find that your former schoolmates still write as if they were in school? How about finding that your colleague loves gore movies, that your childhood friend believes that UFO's are coming, or that your cousin wants to reveal the world your worse fashion missteps?

Facebook is dangerous indeed. I'd never guessed there was so much to be left unsaid.

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Rosina said...

Oh, sí que fb puede llegar a tener sus peligros!!!!
No tan concretos como que nos incrusten en la yugular un cuchillo tramontina herrumbrado, pero... tiene sus peligros.
Aprontemos los escudos de la pseudo seguridad que gentil y curiosamente nos ofrece y obviemos sin rencor las imbecilidades contenidas en algunos comentarios. Siempre nos queda la mejor opción para cada uno: el olvido o borrarnos.