Monday, July 4, 2011

At Sabina's

It seems that I can't have enough of blogs of people documenting their daily home lives with pictures. There are many and I'm always on the outlook for more, trying to reach out for people living life in different places - so far I've located many from Scandinavian countries, some of Europe and North America, and none from the rest of the world. I'm keeping my eyes open, though.

Regardless of the geographic place where they originate, most life documenting blogs in my reading list have one outstanding thing in common. While people show scenes of their daily lives (their dining rooms, kitchens, gardens, food they've made, articles of clothing, household items), they rarely or never post a recognizable picture of themselves or their family members. I guess there are things they don't want to share and that's, of course, fine with me.

There is one person, however, who shares snippets of her daily wheres and whats focusing on people rather inanimate objects. Her photography is not about decorating and styling - or very subtly so, but about people. Presumably friends and family, of stances of life, her stimulating brain snacks (that's her own words) give a dash of color to my mornings and, interestingly, feel a lot like pieces of my own life, past or present. That's Sabina Ćudić publishing from Sarajevo, Bosnia, a place I know embarrassingly little about (so let's say I know nothing but the map location).

It's funny that I think I could be friends with Sabina, or at least, we would have many things in common to talk about. From what she shows of her apartment, I think we could bump into each other in a bookstore aisle, in a flea market stall or sitting in the next table in a restaurant. The strange familiarity from blogging images rather than words.


Here's an interesting note in Decor8, where I first heard of Sabina. Photo by Sabina Ćudić, used with permission.


Sabina Cudic said...

Dear Julia,

Thank you for these kind words - why not, let's bump into each other in a bookstore aisle or in a flea market stall...:)

p.s. I adored Sarah Kay when I was little.

Julia said...

Sabina, I'm really glad you liked my little piece. I enjoy seeing the world through your camera, and from some snippets I imagine we have a lot of things in common. The pictures of small gatherings or eating in restaurants or cafes make me think of my own meetings with friends, and although we're not the same people I'm happy there's someone with a camera creating mementos.


PS. I'm now fully appreciating what an accomplished drawer and colorist SK was... the color of the skin (cheeks, arms, shoulder) it's simply breathtaking. I'm relieved my memory wasn't playing tricks with my mind, those are excellent drawings!