Monday, January 3, 2011

New year's resolution

When I started this blog I thought I had many interesting things to say. I needed a creative outlet, because I was feeling extremely creative back then and even if I knew it always boils down to the same cycles, I thought it would last a long time.

But now I find myself proofreading my posts and thinking, man is this boring! And then releasing a deep sigh.

Probably nobody can argue that with me, however, I found a new challenge in this writing a blog endeavor. If I've always blamed myself on inconstancy, why not setting a goal of posting every week? No matter how uninspired, as long as it is readable, I'll be writing something that crosses my mind and shuttling it up to this little corner of the cyberspace.

So here we go, that's my new year's resolution. And I won't take a stumble for a fall, if I don't post one week I'll still have the next one to pick up.

Sounds interesting. Beats flossing every night, I think.

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