Monday, March 21, 2011

Clean and clear

Lately I have decided to introduce some little changes (*) in my life. They're very little and essentially harmless in the sense that they don't change the way I approach the things that normally (and naturally) happen, it's just that I've changed one little end of it. Actually lots of changes have been taking place in the past year or so, but these might be a little offbeat - or at least that's what I think because it's not something one normally discusses in polite company.

I only want to make it clear that I'm not fighting capitalism, the big corporations or saving a ton of money. It's not a revolution, not a political statement, and I'm definitely not feeling like the part of a subculture or counterculture or anything too radical or different. It's just evolution, and if I wished other people did the same, then I rather keep it for myself.

Preaching just won't take you nowhere.

(* I'm using this and doing this)

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