Monday, March 28, 2011

In defense of Barbie doll

Everyone loves to hate Barbie dolls and blame them for every character fault or psychological disease affecting young females, but I'd like to say, I find that a little unfair.

Yes, it's true that Barbie doesn't promote very high values but it's not shown to prevent children from developing them either. It's true that Barbie is unnaturally slim, but then most dolls are somewhat disproportionate. Barbie lives surrounded by glamor and far from worries, and it's only fair, I think, to admit that's how a few of us would like to live.

I'm pretty sure that teenagers and young women suffering from anorexia stemming from a desire to look slimmer would find inspiration in flesh and bone celebrities rather than a plastic one. And those who're actually affected in their decisions and perception of life by Barbie, probably have deeper issues in which blaming the dolls is like shooting the messenger.

That's how I see it, anyway. What I do hate about Barbie dolls and all its paraphernalia is its price. Then again, you can't blame a businessman for wanting to make money, do you?

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ajg-jane said...

Well said. Poor Barbie gets a bad rap.